shutterstock_294276563It is no secret that a home with beautiful flooring creates an impression on prospective home buyers. My clients will tell me “I really like this ground but I am worried someone won’t like this floor once I try and sell the home”. Flooring trends are changing rapidly with advancing technology in textures, structures, and also a race to wider-longer planks. It can be difficult for flooring professionals to keep up with the modifications. So what is the right response for balancing a floor you adore with flooring that can hold the highest long-term price?

Fitting Together

I always say any flooring can look good in the ideal context. The challenging part is finding the right pieces for your puzzle. The number one most important aspect of selecting the right floor is to think about other woodwork such as baseboards, cabinets, and furniture that is underperforming. These things are expensive to change and directly touching your flooring. Next, you may want to think about countertops, paint, and backsplash. While some of them are still expensive to change, they offer a degree of separation with different substances between.

Should I match my cabinets or maybe not? The floor doesn’t always have to match the woodwork. In reality, designers often aim to provide a stark contrast between the floor and woodwork to provide the area more discerning features. Remember colour is not the one thing that may have comparison, now you often see minimalist designs with clean lines mixed with rustic high texture high personality hardwood floors. The combination of these aspects produces amazing results. Work with your designer to get the perfect style for your demands.

Buyer Persona

When selling your home it’s important to picture a possible buyer. Is it an urban, suburban, or rural location? Are you currently targeting newlyweds or acquaintances? A young couple seeking to buy a condominium downtown has very different taste than empty nesters looking to retire on a farmhouse ranch. Young urban house buyers are interested in broader boards, neutral tones, and higher durability. Older home buyers may take a more traditional route with conventional classic beauties like Black Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, or Hickory. As soon as you have a crystal clear vision of your intended audience, this can help you pick the right floor for maximizing resale.

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Quieting a Noisy Wood Floor

shutterstock_135503474Adding wooden flooring into your home is a wonderful way to boost your worth and wow-factor. Whether your hardwood flooring are new or better yet, first into an old house, they could create a lot of noise to decide on their good looks. From creaks to the clamoring of children and pets, the noises of wood floors can vary. Luckily, there are lots of ways to decrease the noises once you’ve identified its source.

Creaky Floorboards

In older wood flooring and even newer ones, you may discover that creaking occurs. Though this might be great for knowing when somebody is sneaking around the home, it is fairly irritating. Squeaking floors often happen since the floorboards have shifted and are now rubbing against each other or their claws causing noise. Usually, this is really a sign that the floor has to be worked , however, the fix is comparatively fast. Typically, a specialist can fix the floor with a few new nails plus a metal squeak ender or a wood shim. In case you have yet to put in your flooring and want to eliminate noise and the potential for future noises, make sure that you add a thick underlayment of soundproofing material as the pillow and depth will help prevent squeaking and noise penetration.

Foot Traffic

If running feet would be your problem, your answer is a bit more straightforward. Adding hallway runner rugs is a excellent way to decrease the noise from children and pets alike. If you don’t have a shoe-free home, now is the perfect time to start employing a shoe-less policy. Not only does it ensure that there is less noise from thumping feet, but also your house will be cleaner also.

Ambient Noise

Last but not least, because of its tough material, wood will allow noises to reverberate and echo. This will make even tiny sounds even more noticeable. To help remove this you’ll want to add plenty of sound absorbing materials to your property. Long curtains in heavy materials, thick rugs, and upholstered furniture are all items that will help reduce the sound. In case you have high ceilings, false beams are a terrific way to help reduce noise as they stop the capacity for echoing.

Hardwood Flooring Installation and Maintenance

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White Floors – Why We Love Them

white-painted-pineWith Scandinavian decore being one of the critical tendencies of 2018 we thought we’d take it over to 2019 and discuss why we adore white flooring. Whether it’s lightly completed oak boards, or large, bright tiles. . We’re here to share our favourite styles and designs to help inspire your insides this new year!

White flooring, as well as the color white generally, is perfect if you are seeking to create a tranquil and serene atmosphere in your home. Staying in accordance with the Scandinavian feel, white floors work especially well in rooms that have a minimal style. The reason for this is they then contribute to the almost’oasis’ vibe of this space, something which may be widely appreciated together with the stress and rush of every day life.

Of course, white floors do not come with no concerns. More so, just how do you keep them from appearing tired and worn out over time? In this post we will discuss the different alternatives available to assist you attain this look and what it is you need to think about prior to taking a leap of faith.

One of the most well-known alternatives for white flooring is wood. If you currently have wood floors in your house, then achieving this look should not be difficult in any way. The simplest way to do so is to sand your boards back and employ either a high quality white floor paint, or sealant. If you don’t fancy this quantity of effort and have pretty mild flooring, you can always just bleach the planks and add a whitewash stain.

However, if you really want to achieve that pristine appearance with no hard work, why not put in a brand new engineered or hardwood floor that has been finished with white paint or blot. That way you don’t need to worry about destroying the timber or making a mess since it has already been done for you!

Here at North London Floor Sanders we understand that actual and engineered product-engineered-wood-goodrich-whitened-room1hardwood floors are not for everyone, it might be that you feel they’re too difficult to keep or perhaps they’re just a little out of your price range. If this is the case then why not consider white-washed vinyl tiles or laminate? Both give you the appearance of genuine wood but at a much cheaper price! Not only do they offer you the same appearance, but they’re also just as dependable when it comes to durability and lifespans, with each expected to last between 15 and 20 decades, fantastic value for money if you ask !

If you’re a fan of the shabby-chic, farmhouse, classic appearance and want to create an open, luxury vibe in your home then look no further than white floors. Especially in smaller chambers, white flooring help to make a space seem much larger and brighter than it truly is, because of their capacity to bounce natural light around.

Not only is white floors great for your area, it is also a perfect accompaniment for your furniture too. If you are looking for something to flaunt your interior bits, look no more! White flooring are a fantastic foundation for any bald furnishings you might have, this is only because it makes the furniture nearly’pop’ out in the room. Additionally they work nicely with darker walls, the counterbalance between both actually sets the tone for the entire room.

So there you have it, our opinion on white-washed floors and the benefits we think there are to having them. But don’t take our word for it, look at our entire range of white flooring to see if there’s one for you!

Protecting Hardwood Floors From Humidity

shutterstock_73378072Do you intend on installing hardwood floors? Though this flooring is proven to be lasting, there are a number of things that you want to protect it from, such as humidity. Denver hardwood floors are produced from natural materials, so that they react to different temperatures and levels of humidity in the house. When humidity levels are too large, moisture could make its way beneath the boards and cause swelling. The swelling puts pressure on the floorboards and may subsequently result in cupping or warping.

However, floors may also be damaged when the humidity levels are too low. After the humidity levels fall, there is not enough moisture in the air to stop hardwood flooring from drying out. This may lead to cracks to form in the wood following an elongated time period. To control your home’s humidity and protect your floors, follow the following tips:

Check the humidity.

Before you learn how to control humidity levels in your home, you have to understand how to check the levels. Invest in a humidistat, which are available in your regional hardware shop, and often test your house to see exactly what your humidity levels are. To preserve  hardwood flooring, the humidity levels should remain between 40 and 60% in any respect times. When the levels drop too low or rise too high, you know that it’s time to do it to prevent your floors from becoming damaged.

Install a humidity control program.

The only way to genuinely control the humidity level in your home is to install a humidity control program. A humidity control system will ensure your home’s humidity levels never go from the ideal selection, therefore keeping your hardwood floors safe.

Use a dehumidifier.

If you’d prefer not to install a humidity control system, yet another choice to safeguard shutterstock_414948787your hardwood flooring is using a dishwashing machine. This device ought to be utilised in the summer months, because humidity levels can go upwards of 90% depending on the climate where you live. Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture in the air to keep humidity levels in check. Dehumidifiers are clarified in greater detail.

Use a humidifier.

Since Denver hardwood flooring can be damaged by both large and very low humidity levels, you need to find a perfect equilibrium by using both a toaster and toaster. While the dehumidifier must just be utilized during the summertime, the humidifier should be cranked up during the dry, winter months. A humidifier does the specific opposite of a dehumidifier–it adds moisture to the air. Place one of these devices on your rooms with hardwood floors throughout the winter to stop the wood from drying out and cracking.

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82914ae905f1ab6b_0964-w500-h666-b0-p0--scandinavian-family-roomScandinavian design has been more and more in vogue for many years now. There are great reasons why. It’s a slick and clean minimalistic design that highlights wood tones and a natural feel. A home that was created in this manner can look modern, but also comfortable. A big portion of the design choice is the flooring that goes with it and accentuates the design. Below are some of the elements of layout.


Among the most basic theories is that less is more. Brick design favors simplicity and functionality over extravagance. There’s a touch of minimalism with a restrained style. There may be sure accent pieces that provide a popup, but for the most part, it features clean lines and understatement. A home that is designed in such a way will feature earthy tones, and optimize natural light as much as possible. The materials used are usually more ordinary, and there is little in the way of extra decoration and ornamentation. By restricting accessories, what’s present will draw more focus and look even better.


As we said, light is very important to Scandinavian design. It offers a feeling of v


itality and warmth, particularly in the colder months that Scandinavia is famous for. The inside is kept uncluttered and airy so the light can reach as many areas as you can. Some homes may have mirrors installed to help reflect the sunlight and provide the illusion of larger rooms. When there isn’t any natural light at night, this design favors hanging lamps or floor lamps to get a warm and inviting setting.



Vintage furniture really is a huge element of contemporary design. Couches appear comfy and are often within an earthy shade. For this tiny bit of soda, you’ll get cushions together with patterns and cushions with identifying colours. The walls are usually white or a color of white. You are able to add some pizzazz with a classic poster or a distinguishing clock.

Close Perfection

The target of the Scandinavian design would be to appear amazing but to also supply the most of comfort and performance. You ought to have the ability to become more comfortable living, but also everything ought to have somewhere to keep things tidy and clean. Furniture and cabinetry should be chosen with an eye towards hiding and functionality clutter behind closed doors and drawers.



There are a whole lot of trees in Scandinavia, therefore there’s a lot of timber furniture. The Scandinavian layout incorporates timber into almost everything, from the furniture to the flooring choices. Most often, that wood is lighter in colour, like white walnut . Oak floors are beautiful and can match just about any design st

yle. It makes a room appear airy, open, and clean, and that’s why it is popular with Scan

dinavian design. There are many options when it comes to getting t

he best bamboo flooring to your Scandinavian designed home.

White or Light


Floor finishes are often very mild, and sometimes white. It’s possible to

get a stunning grey-which floor that brings the attention and complements anything you choose to spend the space. Additionally, it gives a retro vibe that’s comfortable and tidy.


Light flooring may also make room look larger, which can be a big bonus if you are in a smaller home. You can combine your lighting flooring with partitions of a neutral shade to actually get a minimalist feel that’s still amazing. In tiny rooms, install thin boards which will add to that illusion of distance. You can install the boards diagonally to provide some extra visual attention without drawing the eye too much in the appeal of the remainder of the room. There’s so much you can do in order to have a look that fits your personality.

One of the greatest things about Scandinavian design is that it allows for experimentation and customization to suit your personal style.

Make Your Hallways Beautiful with Engineered Oak Flooring

Living room with a natural Sapele hardwood floor.Among the greatest attributes of engineered flooring is its ability to be used anywhere in the house without ever sacrificing quality. In small or narrow spaces like pantries and hallways, engineered oak flooring keeps its visual appeal. The procedure for installing the floors doesn’t differ much from main chambers either. When all of the rooms are connected with the same flooring, the transitions from rooms to hallways are all smooth. If you choose to add floor throughout your home and especially in hallways, don’t be afraid to call a professional for help. They know how to plan and measure correctly to ensure a smooth flow from room to room.

Things to Watch Out For When Installing Engineered Oak Flooring

When you install floors in a long and narrow area such a hallway, there are particular things to watch out for. Typically, the direction of the flooring throughout a house depends upon the direction of the hallway. The grain of the wood should stick to the amount of the hall, instead of the width. This implies that as the floor expands through doorway openings or in the ends of the hallway, the management of the floor in the room is already ascertained. Whenever you make the decision to install engineered bamboo floor, it’s important to note the hallway instructions if you start your installation process in a bigger room. Even should you not install flooring in the hallway immediately, you still need to follow the correct direction in case you wish to later on. Needing to tear up a floor simply to change the direction of the slats can be a massive mess and cost you unnecessary money and time.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the diameter of the hallway in relation to the diameter of the slats and if you’ll have to do any trimming . You will probably have to trim 1 side to make the flooring match and if that’s the case, make sure that you trim the identical side each time. If you trim the right most slat in one set, keep trimming the proper most slat as you move down the length of the hallway. This is going to make everything more uniform and consistent. It is also good to keep the trimming to a minimal and on a single side, furthest from the centre of the hallway. This all affects the visual allure of the flooring as you would like to make sure you have done quality work.

More than Just a Rectangle

The importance of hall flooring is often overlooked when installing engineered wood flooring. The reality isthe hallway is one of the most, if not the most, crucial parts of house flooring installation. The remaining portion of the house is dependent on the straightness and accuracy of the flooring in the hallway. The hallway can make or break the total feeling of quality of the flooring so it is imperative to make sure it’s performed correctly. As always, selecting an expert to deal with the installation will ensure that your house is looking the best it possibly can.


Jatoba-02.JPGThe tree from which jatoba hardwood is sourced has lots of titles. Its Latin, or manly name is Hymenaea Courbani but it is commonly referred to as the Brazilian Cherry, not for any resemblance to the normal cherry shrub but for its rich cherry red colour.

Resistant to rot and many insect infestation, the jatoba tree originates from Central and South America and the West Indies and can reach an impressive height of 130 ft. The wood it produces ranges attractively in colour from a light orangey-salmon brown to a darker red brown as it matures will present its darker red heart. Jatoba responds very well to polishing which will give it an excellent lustre.


Amazonian Indians utilized the resin produced at the bottom of the shrub in magical rituals, such as love potions, and in wedding ceremonies. Throughout South America jatoba has a long and noble history of being used for a huge variety of ailments and conditions. The bark of this tree was used to treat diarrhoea, fatigue, dysentery, bladder problems and other issues. The resin has been used for upper respiratory and cardiopulmonary disorders and in Brazil in the 1960s an alcoholic bark extract was marketed as a tonic. In reality Jatoba is still employed as such in the united states, and also for problems like asthma and bronchial diseases. The number of conditions that the components of the Jatoba tree are believed to deal with are far too many to mention here but, believing that scientific studies have demonstrated it to be more rich in biologically beneficial compounds which protect the living tree itself from molds and fungi, it’s not surprising that the same compounds are beneficial to human health too.


This very beautiful hardwood is also extremely strong so it can require specialist tools to operate it but this attribute means its uses are diverse, which range from furniture to shipbuilding and railroad ties, tool handles to speciality decorative items. Its beauty and exotic color range make it perfectly appropriate to the fabrication of several musical instruments.

However, if you want a hardwood flooring option which is as durable as it is beautiful, jatoba is an exceptional option.


shutterstock_1170933958When trying to re-decorate your home, you might end up thinking’where do I start?’ . There’s a lot to consider and a great deal of organisation required to get yourself on the right track. It may be overwhelming, since there are lots of options and sometimes it’s hard to know where to look .


Starting off, you might want to look at some magazines or websites that will assist you choose a design for your home or room. Selecting a colour for the walls is the very first step, as choosing colour will allow you to pick at theme. Picking a theme will subsequently enable you to select furniture and other things. Additionally, deciding on the flooring is important so that you may coordinate with the wall colour.

At North London Floor Sanding we’ve got a wide variety of Hardwood flooring which add that extra touch of luxury to your house. You may want to produce a listing of what furniture and accessories you will want in the room and make sure it all goes well together before you start buying, however. It is never a good idea to purchase a costly piece without checking it matches both the theme you want and the color scheme you have chosen.


When starting to decorate, it’s a good idea to start by painting the walls first as it can get messy and get in your flooring and other environment. It’s often a good idea to acquire old bed sheets to cover the floor to prevent huge spillages.

When the painting is completed, experts recommend installing your flooring. The very best alternative for flooring is tough wood as carpeting can be damaged easily. Additionally, hardwood floors is a long-lasting option which will give your home a fresh, elegant appearance and is adaptable enough to go with most design options — great if you’re taking a look at changing your décor every couple of decades.

Once you’ve painted the walls and installed the floor it’s time to move in your preferred furniture and accessories. This component can be stressful since you may not have any idea where you want things to be put so that you could draw a floor plan to help organise.

At North London Floor Sanding we want to provide you a way to breathe new life into your home and offer you hardwood flooring to suit almost any style of décor. With a huge number of shades and types of hardwood floors, we plan to help make re decorating your house easier — at least when it concerns the hardwood flooring.


shutterstock_750588172Wooden floors is the talk of the town. We have heard a good deal about the beauty and elegance of hardwood floors. It is even a favorite choice with interior designers. Should you wish to renovate your house, installing hardwood flooring will not only enhance the look of your home but will also act as a fantastic investment. There are plenty of styles and designs available giving your home a warm and luxurious look. You can hire an expert to install it but if you wish to save money, you can install it yourself with extra care. Here are a few tips to put in it:

Firstly, select the type of hardwood flooring you would like to install. There is a rich variety of walnut, oak, cherry, walnut etc, available to provide your home a spacious appearance with natural beauty. You can stain it with the colors and tones you would like.

After this, select the finishing choices. Pre-finished timber is already stained and coated. It is expensive but saves time. You have to sand the floor after each coat; use of urethane coating can protect its own surface. This can be a time consuming process and might take a couple of days.

You might even opt for reclaimed or distressed floors. It has an uneven texture but is scratch resistant. It is attractive and provides a distinctive look.

You may install any type of hardwood floors but proper maintenance and care is vital. Avoid excessive water as it may damage the floor. Wooden flooring will maintain your house and interior space truly stylish.


Bellawood-Matte-Carriage-House-White-Ash-VOak floors is among the most favored choices of hardwood flooring since it enhances the appearance of your home and can add a little elegance to any room. Oak flooring can create lasting beauty with minimal maintenance and is very simple to install.

Here’s some information about White Oak flooring.

White oak flooring may be stained with various finishes so it could match the décor of your home. Typically, white oak has pink or grey colors to it, so the walnut could absorb the stain that you apply very well. It can also absorb the finish coat better than red oak flooring.

There are several distinct rooms in your home and if you want the floor to match to your traditional rustic décor afterward the ideal choice is white oak floors that has gray tones in it. The grey tones in the wood make the wood look appear darker that works really nicely with rustic décor. In case you’ve got contemporary furniture in your home then proceed for white walnut with less gray tones .

White oak is extremely durable so is acceptable for high traffic areas such as kitchens. And because there are lots of forms of white oak floors, you are able to pick the type you like while looking for different types of wooden flooring.