Why UK celebrities like to have and wooden floors in their homes?

Why UK celebrities like to have and wooden floors in their homes?

Adele’s Flashy Mansion


Picture by HouseBeautiful / DOUGLAS ELLIMAN REAL ESTATE

The cross south chestnut wood flooring is what you see here in Adele’s mansion. This chestnut brown hardwood floor provides a rustic look with strong character. These floors are engineered thier natural grain lines, chiseled edges, and heavy scraped finish.Those brown hardwood floors are a great choice for households with large pets, children, and even better for hosting events! Contact us if you want to know more about them and their price!



KeiraKnightley’s house


Picture by aol.co.uk

Maple wood floor is a dense, durable hardwood that looks beautiful in a range home interior areas. It is light- to medium-brown nuances and it gives a clean, refined look in your floor suface. Maple flooring is easy to maintain and maybe this is why it is one of the most popular hardwoods. Its grains and resistance to impact and foot traffic makes this unrivalled floors which could fit well in any room in your home. Contact us if you want to know more about it!


Daniel Radcliffe’s home


By Paul Thompson for MailOnline and Beth Hale for the Daily Mail

Elm flooring as it is commonly known, is mostly distributed from the USA and Canada. It has a medium reddish-brown look and is usually quite straightly grained.
Elm has a medium density and beautiful look. It will accept most types of adhesives, finishes, and stains which is making it quite popular. Elm is suitable as a interior flooring, but it should be handled specificlly if it is in humidity environment. Contact us now and learn more about it.

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