Finishing or Coating

Sizedproduct-18-492-1358900476The most common finish is polyurethane, which totaled almost everything and can withstand heavy traffic. An oil-based end will turn into an amber colour as time passes, even though a water-based finish will remain clear, keeping the wood the same color as time passes. Water-based end dries quicker, which can be a bonus if there’s a time deadline or restriction. This type of finish can’t be worked when moist, though, so hardwood professionals must take care to not make mistakes when working with water-based finishes. Oil-based finish takes around 24 hours to wash, and it’s simple to repair mistakes along the way with this type of finish.

Other options for finish are water and acid-cured. Water-based finishes are more eco-friendly with low odors and VOCs, however they are less durable as other finishes. An acid-cured end leaves an exceptionally tough coating through a two-part procedure. A bonus for your acid-cured end is the fact that it dries extremely quickly, so it’s possible to use two coats in one day. Most manufacturers of acid-cured finish produce a volatile odor that forces homeowners to leave the home until the job is completed, in addition to avoiding using light switches and turning off pilot lights.

If this sounds overwhelming, employ a professional now.

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