Hardwood Sheens: Matte, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss

The Unique Features of Hardwood Sheens

Which one is going to make your home look its best?Picture1

As you’re considering your hardwood flooring choices there are a whole lot of elements to keep in mind — the color of the wood, the sort of timber, the price of the wood etc.. However, among the most significant and most overlooked components is hardwood sheens, or the degree to which the timber shines. This has a huge impact on the look of the floors and the expression of the area around the floors. To assist you find the best alternative for your house and flooring budget, we have clarified the three most common types of hardwood sheens below.


Hardwood sheen is quantified on a scale of elegance. The maximum level is 100% luster, which is almost blindingly bright. In the very low end is a matte sheen that has roughly 25% luster. People have strong feelings in both directions about a matte sheen. Some find the appearance to be dull, but some believe it provides the flooring a clean appearance. In any situation, matte sheens have been popular in Europe for several years and have started to gain popularity in America. If you adore the look of hardwood however do not want your flooring to be the focus of your home décor, the horizontal appearance of matte hardwood sheens may be perfect.


Semi-gloss floors have about a 55% luster. That makes them a good choice for dog-bite-little-girl-on-doghomeowners that want something a bit cooler compared to a matte finish, but also more subdued than the glossy finish. There are a couple of other factors to remember while debating hardwood sheens.

Glossy floors have roughly a 70% luster. To put that into perspective, imagine a gym floor or the floor of a bowling alley. A lot of men and women find this specific hardwood sheen to be too shiny, but in some rooms and some layout schemes the reflective quality of these floors can function as a bold design element. Remember that flooring with this hardwood sheen will need the most amount of upkeep because they will demonstrate every spec of dust and grime and often footprints too. When they are clean, however, they are sometimes stunning.

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