shutterstock_1170933958When trying to re-decorate your home, you might end up thinking’where do I start?’ . There’s a lot to consider and a great deal of organisation required to get yourself on the right track. It may be overwhelming, since there are lots of options and sometimes it’s hard to know where to look .


Starting off, you might want to look at some magazines or websites that will assist you choose a design for your home or room. Selecting a colour for the walls is the very first step, as choosing colour will allow you to pick at theme. Picking a theme will subsequently enable you to select furniture and other things. Additionally, deciding on the flooring is important so that you may coordinate with the wall colour.

At North London Floor Sanding we’ve got a wide variety of Hardwood flooring which add that extra touch of luxury to your house. You may want to produce a listing of what furniture and accessories you will want in the room and make sure it all goes well together before you start buying, however. It is never a good idea to purchase a costly piece without checking it matches both the theme you want and the color scheme you have chosen.


When starting to decorate, it’s a good idea to start by painting the walls first as it can get messy and get in your flooring and other environment. It’s often a good idea to acquire old bed sheets to cover the floor to prevent huge spillages.

When the painting is completed, experts recommend installing your flooring. The very best alternative for flooring is tough wood as carpeting can be damaged easily. Additionally, hardwood floors is a long-lasting option which will give your home a fresh, elegant appearance and is adaptable enough to go with most design options — great if you’re taking a look at changing your décor every couple of decades.

Once you’ve painted the walls and installed the floor it’s time to move in your preferred furniture and accessories. This component can be stressful since you may not have any idea where you want things to be put so that you could draw a floor plan to help organise.

At North London Floor Sanding we want to provide you a way to breathe new life into your home and offer you hardwood flooring to suit almost any style of décor. With a huge number of shades and types of hardwood floors, we plan to help make re decorating your house easier — at least when it concerns the hardwood flooring.

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