White Floors – Why We Love Them

white-painted-pineWith Scandinavian decore being one of the critical tendencies of 2018 we thought we’d take it over to 2019 and discuss why we adore white flooring. Whether it’s lightly completed oak boards, or large, bright tiles. . We’re here to share our favourite styles and designs to help inspire your insides this new year!

White flooring, as well as the color white generally, is perfect if you are seeking to create a tranquil and serene atmosphere in your home. Staying in accordance with the Scandinavian feel, white floors work especially well in rooms that have a minimal style. The reason for this is they then contribute to the almost’oasis’ vibe of this space, something which may be widely appreciated together with the stress and rush of every day life.

Of course, white floors do not come with no concerns. More so, just how do you keep them from appearing tired and worn out over time? In this post we will discuss the different alternatives available to assist you attain this look and what it is you need to think about prior to taking a leap of faith.

One of the most well-known alternatives for white flooring is wood. If you currently have wood floors in your house, then achieving this look should not be difficult in any way. The simplest way to do so is to sand your boards back and employ either a high quality white floor paint, or sealant. If you don’t fancy this quantity of effort and have pretty mild flooring, you can always just bleach the planks and add a whitewash stain.

However, if you really want to achieve that pristine appearance with no hard work, why not put in a brand new engineered or hardwood floor that has been finished with white paint or blot. That way you don’t need to worry about destroying the timber or making a mess since it has already been done for you!

Here at North London Floor Sanders we understand that actual and engineered product-engineered-wood-goodrich-whitened-room1hardwood floors are not for everyone, it might be that you feel they’re too difficult to keep or perhaps they’re just a little out of your price range. If this is the case then why not consider white-washed vinyl tiles or laminate? Both give you the appearance of genuine wood but at a much cheaper price! Not only do they offer you the same appearance, but they’re also just as dependable when it comes to durability and lifespans, with each expected to last between 15 and 20 decades, fantastic value for money if you ask !

If you’re a fan of the shabby-chic, farmhouse, classic appearance and want to create an open, luxury vibe in your home then look no further than white floors. Especially in smaller chambers, white flooring help to make a space seem much larger and brighter than it truly is, because of their capacity to bounce natural light around.

Not only is white floors great for your area, it is also a perfect accompaniment for your furniture too. If you are looking for something to flaunt your interior bits, look no more! White flooring are a fantastic foundation for any bald furnishings you might have, this is only because it makes the furniture nearly’pop’ out in the room. Additionally they work nicely with darker walls, the counterbalance between both actually sets the tone for the entire room.

So there you have it, our opinion on white-washed floors and the benefits we think there are to having them. But don’t take our word for it, look at our entire range of white flooring to see if there’s one for you!

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