Light Grey Wooden Flooring Options

Grey hardwood floors is a popular choice, but a lot of people worry that it may look dark. That is why at Wood and Beyond, we’ve created a point of earning sure we have plenty of light grey wooden flooring options. The thing about light grey hardwood floors is that it is a choice that will never go out of date; pretty much goes together with every interior design and will clean a dim room with light if that is what you want. Overall, when you choose this option, you’re sure to give your space the elevator you’re awaiting.

1.When you are shopping around for light grey wooden flooring options you will find that the range of grey tones fluctuates considerably from option to option. The real key to making the right option for your particular project is to think about the end result you need to achieve. By asking yourself things such as: whether you desire a true gray or simply a hint of grey as well as exercising which tone will function best with your furnishings can help make you much closer to having the ability to make a decision that will work for you.

2.In this article, we will help you through a couple of these mild gray choices we currently have in stock and ready to deliver, in addition to sharing with you why we believe they’re really special.

3.Organic engineered oak Spring gray – UV oiled alternative. This floor is simply magnificent, regardless of what sort of furnishings you’ve got. Well called, it really makes you think of the first bright lights of springtime and will clean your space with light no matter how gloomy it might seem at this time. A floor with plenty of personality and sporting a reasonable number of little knots, you can really see the natural grain in each board. And thanks to its UV filter, if your area does happen to get washed with bright sunlight, you should not be worried about sun damage since it’s nicely protected. Perfectly suited to almost any room in the home, this floor is so versatile that it works regardless of your style of furnishing or color scheme.

4.Organic engineered walnut Spring Grey click This solution is perfect for anybody who wants all of the plus points of this floor we’ve just described but needs the ease of a click program!
Organic engineered oak UK grey – UV oiled. This floor is warm and enchanting. Labelled UK Grey, it is definitely not a gray you’ll ever tire of. With an almost honey tone to it, it certainly is grey, but it’s that pure timber colouration that will look good even in twenty years’ time. Again, with a nice open grain, it has been UV oiled to protect it to the center and leave it looking very natural. A fantastic solution for hallways, lounges and living rooms, this flooring will stand up to pretty much anything that your life throws at it.

5.For anyone who wants a light gray solid wood choice that this flooring is ideal. Brushed to open up the grain after which hardwax oiled, you truly get to enjoy the full splendor of the timber if you plump for this particular solution. A warm, blond grey, we’ve seen this flooring work really well in everything from an extremely formal setting to a very relaxed, understated chic frightening zone. It’s as versatile as it is attractive and works across the home, except for in kitchens and baths where we would not normally suggest installing a solid hardwood flooring. In these rooms we would recommend engineered hardwood floors each time.

If you’d like help to get the light gray wood floor of your dreams, why don’t you get in contact? In Wood and Beyond it is our business to make sure that the wood flooring decisions you reach are the very best for your project and that you get real value from your floor today, and in the years to come.

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