shutterstock_1170933958When trying to re-decorate your home, you might end up thinking’where do I start?’ . There’s a lot to consider and a great deal of organisation required to get yourself on the right track. It may be overwhelming, since there are lots of options and sometimes it’s hard to know where to look .


Starting off, you might want to look at some magazines or websites that will assist you choose a design for your home or room. Selecting a colour for the walls is the very first step, as choosing colour will allow you to pick at theme. Picking a theme will subsequently enable you to select furniture and other things. Additionally, deciding on the flooring is important so that you may coordinate with the wall colour.

At North London Floor Sanding we’ve got a wide variety of Hardwood flooring which add that extra touch of luxury to your house. You may want to produce a listing of what furniture and accessories you will want in the room and make sure it all goes well together before you start buying, however. It is never a good idea to purchase a costly piece without checking it matches both the theme you want and the color scheme you have chosen.


When starting to decorate, it’s a good idea to start by painting the walls first as it can get messy and get in your flooring and other environment. It’s often a good idea to acquire old bed sheets to cover the floor to prevent huge spillages.

When the painting is completed, experts recommend installing your flooring. The very best alternative for flooring is tough wood as carpeting can be damaged easily. Additionally, hardwood floors is a long-lasting option which will give your home a fresh, elegant appearance and is adaptable enough to go with most design options — great if you’re taking a look at changing your décor every couple of decades.

Once you’ve painted the walls and installed the floor it’s time to move in your preferred furniture and accessories. This component can be stressful since you may not have any idea where you want things to be put so that you could draw a floor plan to help organise.

At North London Floor Sanding we want to provide you a way to breathe new life into your home and offer you hardwood flooring to suit almost any style of décor. With a huge number of shades and types of hardwood floors, we plan to help make re decorating your house easier — at least when it concerns the hardwood flooring.


shutterstock_750588172Wooden floors is the talk of the town. We have heard a good deal about the beauty and elegance of hardwood floors. It is even a favorite choice with interior designers. Should you wish to renovate your house, installing hardwood flooring will not only enhance the look of your home but will also act as a fantastic investment. There are plenty of styles and designs available giving your home a warm and luxurious look. You can hire an expert to install it but if you wish to save money, you can install it yourself with extra care. Here are a few tips to put in it:

Firstly, select the type of hardwood flooring you would like to install. There is a rich variety of walnut, oak, cherry, walnut etc, available to provide your home a spacious appearance with natural beauty. You can stain it with the colors and tones you would like.

After this, select the finishing choices. Pre-finished timber is already stained and coated. It is expensive but saves time. You have to sand the floor after each coat; use of urethane coating can protect its own surface. This can be a time consuming process and might take a couple of days.

You might even opt for reclaimed or distressed floors. It has an uneven texture but is scratch resistant. It is attractive and provides a distinctive look.

You may install any type of hardwood floors but proper maintenance and care is vital. Avoid excessive water as it may damage the floor. Wooden flooring will maintain your house and interior space truly stylish.


Bellawood-Matte-Carriage-House-White-Ash-VOak floors is among the most favored choices of hardwood flooring since it enhances the appearance of your home and can add a little elegance to any room. Oak flooring can create lasting beauty with minimal maintenance and is very simple to install.

Here’s some information about White Oak flooring.

White oak flooring may be stained with various finishes so it could match the décor of your home. Typically, white oak has pink or grey colors to it, so the walnut could absorb the stain that you apply very well. It can also absorb the finish coat better than red oak flooring.

There are several distinct rooms in your home and if you want the floor to match to your traditional rustic décor afterward the ideal choice is white oak floors that has gray tones in it. The grey tones in the wood make the wood look appear darker that works really nicely with rustic décor. In case you’ve got contemporary furniture in your home then proceed for white walnut with less gray tones .

White oak is extremely durable so is acceptable for high traffic areas such as kitchens. And because there are lots of forms of white oak floors, you are able to pick the type you like while looking for different types of wooden flooring.


hardwood-flooring-InsuranceClaimBanner.jpgIn a number of the more conventional houses, there are a few of the most superbly crafted floorboards underneath carpets which were hidden for many years. You might not realise that you’re standing on some parquet flooring or conventional Victorian or Edwardian floorboards that are ripe for renovation and restoration. It’s a rewarding investment.

However, when it comes to choosing such a significant endeavor, it may be a very tough task. When taking on a project like this, you will obviously want to ensure you receive the floorboards restored correctly. Most of the time, it would be better to hire a specialist company that deals specifically in hardwood floors.

After all the carpeting has been removed, there’ll be a significant quantity of dust and dirt on top of the floorboards. The floorboards will need to be swept and cleaned before any work can begin. This will be done by your hardwood floors expert.

They will then begin to Sand your floorboards back to life that can take a considerable quantity of time, but it is worth the effort as soon as you find the finished results.


Snimki (3)Venturing into the world of hardwood floors for the first time could be a small daunting experience, as there’s a huge quantity of choice with various types of woods and finishes available.

As your new hardwood floors will make up such a huge area of the decor in your house however, it is really important to make your new investments wisely though, and choosing the incorrect kind of flooring couldn’t just ruin the look of your home inside, it could also leave you seriously out of pocket.

For this reason, you want to find a professional opinion before you part with your own pounds and purchase your new hardwood floors.

A professional can discuss with you your unique requirements and enable you to determine how much foot traffic and general wear and tear that your floors is likely to be exposed to. Discussing these items with you will play a significant role in your final flooring choice.

Whenever you have bare minimum experience or no experience whatsoever with hardwood floors, getting a professional opinion is vital, and can assist you to be certain that you’re investing wisely and decorating your house beautifully.


shutterstock_1010859145There’s nothing as lovely as a new hardwood flooring. The surface shines and the elegance and splendour it adds to your home can not be matched. But over time the surface of the floor covering can start to deteriorate and you might start to notice the appearance of scratches and scuff marks. It is a fact that some marking on the ground may be a fantastic thing — it can increase the nature of the ground, however there is going to a point in the life span of the flooring that it will have to be recoated with a brand new finish layer.

If your hardwood flooring has a coating of wax, then this is expected to be removed completely so that the original wood is exposed. Some floor coverings might even need a light sanding to bring the color of the timber and remove any imperfections. In the event the first coating layer is peeling, as an instance, that will need to be completely eliminated before any new coatings are implemented.

Floor sanding machines are available from your local hire shop and may make a great task of uneven floor surfaces, but fantastic care should always be taken when using them in the wrong hands they can do more harm to the floor than great.

If you are not certain about how to begin sanding or recoating a hardwood flooring, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. They possess the knowledge and the tools needed to carry out such a professional technique — and can also attain the best degree of finish.


Untitled collageFor those that are considering having hardwood floors fitted in their house, it is necessary to take into consideration that timber is a living material and so unlike the timber imitations you can buy in the marketplace.

While the wood may not be part of the tree no more, and has ceased to grow, it will still change based on the environment where it’s placed. However, this should not be a problem for householders wishing to install hardwood floors in their living space or bedroom.

It’s just something which you’ll want to get used to over time. Despite discovering that the floor will take time to repay usually requiring the full four seasons — the warmth and character that this sort of floor can provide you will certainly outweigh any concerns you may have.

To have to put up with a floor that reacts to humidity, light and temperature as it has used to the room where it is installed is a little price to pay when you consider the numerous years of usage it may give you, and of course the fact the color will shatter, deepen and grow even more beautiful over time.

Hardwood Sheens: Matte, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss

The Unique Features of Hardwood Sheens

Which one is going to make your home look its best?Picture1

As you’re considering your hardwood flooring choices there are a whole lot of elements to keep in mind — the color of the wood, the sort of timber, the price of the wood etc.. However, among the most significant and most overlooked components is hardwood sheens, or the degree to which the timber shines. This has a huge impact on the look of the floors and the expression of the area around the floors. To assist you find the best alternative for your house and flooring budget, we have clarified the three most common types of hardwood sheens below.


Hardwood sheen is quantified on a scale of elegance. The maximum level is 100% luster, which is almost blindingly bright. In the very low end is a matte sheen that has roughly 25% luster. People have strong feelings in both directions about a matte sheen. Some find the appearance to be dull, but some believe it provides the flooring a clean appearance. In any situation, matte sheens have been popular in Europe for several years and have started to gain popularity in America. If you adore the look of hardwood however do not want your flooring to be the focus of your home décor, the horizontal appearance of matte hardwood sheens may be perfect.


Semi-gloss floors have about a 55% luster. That makes them a good choice for dog-bite-little-girl-on-doghomeowners that want something a bit cooler compared to a matte finish, but also more subdued than the glossy finish. There are a couple of other factors to remember while debating hardwood sheens.

Glossy floors have roughly a 70% luster. To put that into perspective, imagine a gym floor or the floor of a bowling alley. A lot of men and women find this specific hardwood sheen to be too shiny, but in some rooms and some layout schemes the reflective quality of these floors can function as a bold design element. Remember that flooring with this hardwood sheen will need the most amount of upkeep because they will demonstrate every spec of dust and grime and often footprints too. When they are clean, however, they are sometimes stunning.

Finishing or Coating

Sizedproduct-18-492-1358900476The most common finish is polyurethane, which totaled almost everything and can withstand heavy traffic. An oil-based end will turn into an amber colour as time passes, even though a water-based finish will remain clear, keeping the wood the same color as time passes. Water-based end dries quicker, which can be a bonus if there’s a time deadline or restriction. This type of finish can’t be worked when moist, though, so hardwood professionals must take care to not make mistakes when working with water-based finishes. Oil-based finish takes around 24 hours to wash, and it’s simple to repair mistakes along the way with this type of finish.

Other options for finish are water and acid-cured. Water-based finishes are more eco-friendly with low odors and VOCs, however they are less durable as other finishes. An acid-cured end leaves an exceptionally tough coating through a two-part procedure. A bonus for your acid-cured end is the fact that it dries extremely quickly, so it’s possible to use two coats in one day. Most manufacturers of acid-cured finish produce a volatile odor that forces homeowners to leave the home until the job is completed, in addition to avoiding using light switches and turning off pilot lights.

If this sounds overwhelming, employ a professional now.


Nowhere is that more true than in keeping the attractiveness and worth of your flooring. The secret is a lot of little things.

Establish a regular cleansing routine. This preparchettificio-toscano-san-miniato-opus-lignea3vents dirt from getting ground into the surface.

Clean your flooring regularly. This should be every two to four weeks when the floor gets a lot of traffic. If your floor gets light use, then cleaning every 2 months will probably be fine.

Ask us to make sure. Attempt to make this a regular habit, you are more inclined to do it that way. .